5 more sleeps!

So today there is only 5 more sleeps till my second half marathon, and although I feel a little behind the eight ball with my marathon training, at least I feel like I have the kms in my legs to get about the same time as last year (I hope!).

As you’ll know from one of my previous blogs my first half marathon was the Blackmores last year in September and I loved it. It’s what encouraged me to keep running and set the goal for my marathon. This weekend is the SMH Half Marathon and i’m a little scared as i’ve been told it’s quite hilly. I’ve checked the map and it does look like it’s going to be tough near the end, but the longer distances always seem to suit my legs better and I feel like the warmer I get the better I feel.

It’s supposed to be a ‘training run’ for me, which means that I should not be pushing very hard. But I know that once I get out there I will want to beat my time from last year. Which got me thinking about how much my goals have changed, last year my goal had been  make it to the finish line, how things have changed!

Last night I did the 17km Supercourse for our run club and I struggled for the last 4km. My legs have never felt that heavy and it was very hard to stay motivated for the runners in my group, but we got there in the end and everyone was smiling. By the time I got home I did not feel well at all, the whole train trip home I had felt dizzy and nauseous, so I closed my eyes, sank into my seat and hoped the train would hurry up and get to my stop (it’s a 40 min trip to my station from the city). When I got home I showered, got the fluids into me and eventually had some dinner. I started to feel much better and i have never slept as well as I did last night. I think I had really pushed my body and it was arguing with me. It needed rest.

I will admit that on the weekend it was my birthday and I celebrated with some wine (ok, maybe a little more than ‘some’) but when it’s your birthday it’s very hard to say no, especially whn i’m normally so health & fitness conscious. But I paid for it with the run last night, i’m sure it’s the reason that i struggled, and i’m not doing that again for a while. I’ve learnt my lesson and it’s back to clean eating and healthy living again.

So there’s no gym for me today, no run or walk, just some stretching and taking it easy. Tomorrow night we have run club again so I have decided it will be my only run between now and sunday’s race. How exciting, I can’t wait to cross that finish line and meet up with my friends to celebrate our journeys!

17km Group - we made it!

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