Look good, feel good.

I love Sportswear and the brighter, the better! Even though i’m not one of those girls who spends hours shopping and fantasizing about labels (in fact I buy most of my clothes online these days), but I really like to look good when i’m running or hitting the gym.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I went on a shopping spree in my lunch break at the Nike Sydney City Store. I had a voucher to spend and there was no stopping me. I bought shoes, shorts, tights, shirts and a visor (check out the photos below).

When i first started running & became a gym goer again, I made sure I bought clothes and shoes that were bright and pretty. My theory was that if I wanted to wear them then I had to exercise, so in some strange way it helped motivate me.

It’s really interesting when you start looking at what motivates people. I know myself I have to set goals and register for events and that helps keep me in line. But I also love the motivational pictures and quotes that get posted on facebook daily, some of them you can really relate to and they help to keep me focused.

I would love to hear any comments on what motivates you?

Happy Running!

My shopping spree items

4 thoughts on “Look good, feel good.

  1. Love the colour coordination Miss Hailey! Now you have me thinking about all the goodies that i would love to see in my wardrobe. It is amazing when new tights or even socks can help motivate you to get out there and give something a go. Race day outfit is tres important (but remember nothing new on race day) So whatever you train in, race in!!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Even though I am a bloke, I do coordinate my training kits down to the kind of workout I’ll be doing. It gives me a cue as to how hard I should be working. It sounds very superficial, but I’m just a very visual person.

    I also decide on a colour combo for a season leading up to a major goal. And when I put that much effort into how I look, its a great motivator to do that look justice.

  3. Running equipment is one aspect that motivates me. I like getting a new pair of shoes, shirts and shorts; each item is like an upgrade in my running setup. Kind of like when a car gets new tyres in a pit stop. However my real motivation for running is passing people. I like tracking down people off in the distance, it doesn’t matter whether I know them, whether they’ve run the same distance, the same route or not. If you’re off in the distance running I have to chase down and pass you. Haha

    • Thanks for sharing Alin.
      If i wasn’t run leading when you fly past me I’d give you a run for your money!! ha ha
      Happy running 🙂

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