24 days till my first marathon…

It’s been way too long since I’ve last written and I’m back!! I don’t know about you, but the cold, wet weather seems to really get me down every year and it makes it so hard to get out of bed early for a run.

Having said that, last Saturday I ran 23km in the rain. It sprinkled for the first 5km and bucketed for the rest. It wasn’t pretty, but it was great fun sharing a laugh or two with the other runners who crossed my path. When you are that wet, all you can do is smile.

The heavy rain meant that I had to be very careful and look ahead to see that the footpath wasn’t flooded, a few times I had to change direction quickly to avoid swimming to the next corner. I presume it felt a little bit like trail running, however I haven’t done any trail running yet, but next year – why not!.

Back to the run. So I kept telling myself that it was good practice, I mean… who knows, it could rain for my first marathon and I wasn’t going to call time out for that, so why quit now. So I kept my mind positive and I easily fell into a rhythm, I really enjoyed the rest of the run. It wasn’t a struggle at all for me and my body felt great afterwards. I think it’s slowly adapting to the new training, and I guess skipping my long run last weekend meant that I was well rested.

When I got home I felt super tough, like I could battle anything. It made me ponder just how far I have come lately. I sometimes have to remind myself that all of these weekend runs are an achievement for me as i have never done these distances on a regular basis before and they should be celebrated.

Next weekend I have a 32km run planned, my last long run before the taper zone and the furthest distance I have ever encountered. Wish me luck!!

Stay positive, stay focused. Only 24 days to go…

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