After the Marathon

Today marks the third day since my marathon and I must say I am feeling much better than I expected. My muscles feel tight but not sore, so I have been stretching every morning and night and using my foam roller. I didn’t get any blisters, I didn’t lose any toenails and during the race I only had partial chaffing near my underarms and it’s gone now. How lucky am I…!!!

Although Monday morning I woke up to find my left foot was slightly bruised and swollen on one side. I remember it feeling sore during the race, but not painful. I was just after halfway and it felt like I had a bruise on the bottom of my foot, on the outer bone that runs the length of the foot. It hurt a little but it wasn’t painful so I chose to ignore it.

Luckily I had Monday off work, so I took myself to the doctor and got an x-ray just to be sure. Then I spent most of the day with it elevated and iced. I haven’t heard back from the doctor so I’m taking that as the all clear. He did say that if it wasn’t any better within a week I would need a CT scan but I’m staying positive as the swelling and bruising has already gone down.

Tonight I’m heading to Run Club but I will not be running. I really just want to see all my buddies who came and supported me on Sunday so we can catch up properly. It feels like I only briefly saw them on Sunday and I was such a scatter brain with emotion.

Other than that I’m taking it very easy and won’t run again until the foot is all better, well….. I have the City2Surf in a week and a half, but I can always walk that if my foot is not 100%. I need to let my body recover so i’ll get in some pool sessions and a massage this weekend too.

Thanks to everyone for the kind messages after my race on Sunday. I’m feeling very proud and so lucky to have such wonderfully supportive family and friends.

Happy Running! 😀

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