This weekend I will be attending a 3 day training camp in the Blue Mountains run by a company called Find Your Feet. It is being held as preparation for the Northface race which is held in May.

As per my previous post, 2014 is going to be my ‘Year of the Ultra’ and so as to be as prepared as possible I decided to attend this camp and learn from some of the best runners available.

I’m really forward to meeting Hanny, an amazing athlete and the mentor I met (over the phone) a couple of weeks ago. There will be 16 athletes and 4 trainers, so the coach to runner ratio means more 1on1 coaching when we hit the trails.

On the Friday night I get to run my first night trail run and on part of the TNF100 course. we also do a run on saturday & another on sunday, both of which cover sections of the actual course. I’m really, really looking forward to these!!

So tonight I started packing and I swear that i’m more organised for this camp than I have ever been for my normal weekends away. I have everything laid out on the spare bed and I’ve made lists and been ticking everything off so I don’t forget anything.

We have to take some mandatory gear, one of which is a fluorescent vest which has to be worn at night and the only one I could fine in they stores was an XXL so it’s going to be huge!

I’ll be sure to keep a diary of the camp and give you an update when I get home on sunday.

Happy Running 😀


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