RunningWild at Wentworth Falls

Yesterday we were lucky enough to run 16km at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains and it was one of the most spectacular courses I have had the pleasure of running on, even if it was pouring with rain the whole time!

Wave 1 were the first group to go and they lined up before us ready to run. We even had Brendan Davies competing who had won The NorthFace last year, a very skilled runner.


And here’s a shot of me, Rach, Emily & Kate, representing Sydney Harbour Runners waiting for our wave to start.


The first section of the course was down a trail, some slippery boards and very muddy patches as it had rained lightly for most of the night. It was a very green spot and there seemed like a lot of hills at the start, though mostly down (always worrying, ha ha).

We broke out of the greenery at one point and the view took your breath away….. the fog was eerily covering some of the mountains and about 30 seconds after this shot below you couldn’t see the mountains at all. We timed it well.


There was a lock of single track and stairs and running along the edge of mountains, very slippery. I had actually worn my new Salomon Speedcross 3’s to give them a go on the short course, I thought with the weather conditions they’d be a good test and they did not let me down. They fit so comfy from the moment I put them on and they held up great through the different and slippery trails that laid before us.


I remember having to concentrate a lot on this run as there were lots of trip hazards and puddles and everything was slippery. But when you did remember to look up it really was quite amazing.


Below is one of the driest sections of the course. It looked so different in comparison to the rest of the very green rainforest that we ran through for most of the trail, such a vast comparison.


And this next section was one of my favourites. We crossed the water going over the waterfall and got to climb back up the mountain next to the beautiful sounds of the running water. If you look carefully you can see runners on the left. How magical is this!?!?


I had to slow myself down a few times during this run as it was a training run and I was meant to be taking it easy. And i’m so glad I did because it meant I got to enjoy the area we were running. I just love running up here in the blue mountains, every time I do it takes my breath away.

Kate and I came to a lovely fast downhill section with some stairs and we started leaping through the air! We felt like kids again and laughed our way down that section. What a blast!!


This was such a great course!! Breathtaking views, stunning trails and very technical in parts so good practise at all types of terrain. At one point I even lost my foot under the mud, gross! ha ha I highly recommend getting your butt out of bed even when it’s wet as it was more than worth the effort.

It got very cold straight after the race too, so always pack some dry clothes so you can get changed and warm quickly. Thank you RunningWild for an awesome event!!

And here’s a nice muddy shot of my shoes/legs after the run – dirt rules!!


Happy Running 😀

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