The Equiliser‏ – Sydney Striders

After running 21km the day before my plan was to use the Equiliser as a training run last Sunday. We all know how good I am at slowing myself down, not!! ha ha That was the plan.

So again I got up super early and promised myself that I would get a sleep-in at least one day next weekend. I threw on my gear and shoes and headed for Belrose via Haymarket to pick up another fellow Strider who needed a lift.

When we got to Belrose it was still dark but there were plenty of runners already lined up and ready to go. A group of slower runners were starting at 6.30am, but the actual start was set for 7.00am. So I threw down a gel as I’d only scoffed down a banana when I got up and got a bit of water into me. YOu have to be careful not to have too much or you’ll end up needing the bathroom.

I saw lots of people I knew and felt comforted that I wan’t such a newbie anymore. I had my Striders singlet on and I felt like part of a wonderful group of people. We runners are such a crazy bunch, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The course was manly fire trail and a small section on the road. I wore my Nike Wildhorse to gives the Salomon shoes a break and because I didn’t think it would be much technical trail today.

It was a beautiful run through the national park and I saw lots of familiar faces at the water stations and on the course running. Emma ran the first section with me and then I let her get ahead as she’s faster than me usually.

For some reason it always takes me at least 7-8km to warm up, so I was pretty slow up until that point and then I decided to have a crack. I started moving very quickly down the hills, and at one point I went flying past a lady and man who had overtaken me earlier and they mentioned how fast I was going. They also mentioned that they would bring a stretcher so I must have been going at some good pace. I felt really confident that day and I’m scared sometimes at how fast I move downhill, but I think it’s one of my strengths, especially on fire trails where there is a little less risk than single track.

I caught up to Caroline Yarnell who was one of the ladies that I did the relay with a few months back and I went flying past her. She’s a gun for her age and I don’t think you’d veer want to get in her way! I almost caught up to Jo Cowan too, she is one quick lady!

We were getting closer to the finish line and I could see Emma ahead on=f me on one of the last hills. I’m not sure if she knew I was there but she stopped and started to walk so I thought I’d give it to her, I yelled out “Come on Em, you can do it”. She was alarmed that I had caught her walking and began running immediately. It’s funny how a little encouragement can get your butt moving! ha ha Go Em!

We got to the finish line in 1hr 26 minutes, I was pretty happy with that as I had pushed myself a little but not over the top. I felt good, strong and ready for whatever came next.

Happy Running! 😀

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