Running Withdrawals

So what did i do the week after the 6 Foot Track Marathon?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. And I found out that doing nothing does not agree with me as I have had trouble sleeping all week.

I had every intention of hitting the pool for some recovery swims and doing a bike session here or there but no, they did not happen. It is so unlike me to do nothing. I even let my hair down and went for a drink with my work crew last Friday night. They twisted my rubbery arms and I ended out much later than planned, but we had a fun night all round.

So in the midst of the above I have managed to sign myself up for the Canberra Ultra Marathon (50km) and the Mt Solitary Ultra Marathon (45km) that are both in April. Our unofficial TNF100 training group are doing both of these and they’ve somehow convinced me that I should do both.

I know I’ve posted about this earlier, but 2014 is now officially the ‘Year of the Ultra’ and I am so excited for what lies ahead!!

Happy Running 😀

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