Tapering is Tough

Tapering: is the gradual reduction of training intensity and duration as you edge forever closer to race day. It is a necessary aspect of endurance training and it starts in the last few weeks before the big day.

So I decided 2 days ago that the only way I was going to slow myself down this weekend was by volunteering at the Sydney Trail Series as they have a local race organised for this Saturday. This way I don’t feel like i’m missing out entirely and i’ll still get to see all my running mates out on the course as i have been given the role of a marshal.

Basically the marshal just stands along the course at a particular point and sends runners in the right direction so they don’t get lost. You are also encouraged to cheer the runners along… like I need to be told to do that!! Good luck shutting me up, ha ha

So i’m really looking forward to tomorrow and I hope the weather holds out as it’s been raining on and off for the past 2 days.

Sunday i’m going to join my mates Nigel, Leah & Ruseel (from Sydney Striders) for a short version of their STaR course, we’re planning to do just under 13kms.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned and…. 1 more week till the biggest run of my life!! So scared, excited and happy all at once!!

Happy Running 😀


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