Summits of my life – Kilian Jornet Burgada


If you love mountains, running, nature or escaping the city, then this film is for you. I left feeling so inspired and wanted to get home and throw on my running gear. It’s made me want to train harder and smarter, and set some new goals for the next few years.soml

Last night I attended a Red Skirt Promotions Movie night to raise funds for athletes going to the Rio Olympics. The movie was called ‘Summits of my Life’ which is about a world famous Spanish mountaineer (and trail runner) Kilian Jornet Burgada. And what a life he leads – if only!

I’m not going to give any more of the movie away, but if you’re interested then check out the trailer below and the website for more info. And a huge thanks to April Palmerlee for putting on such a wonderful event. Great to see so many of my friends there too!

Movie Trailer: 



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