What’s next?

A lot of people have been asking me “What’ next?” on my running journey and that’s a very good question.

If you’ve read my earlier blog about my TNF100 experience you’ll know that I plan to be back to conquer the course in 2015 so that’s the next big goal, however it has left me wondering “What else” I should do in the meantime. I had spent so much time and energy preparing for that 100km race and waiting 12 months for it to come around again would be painful without some small goals in between. So let’s see shall we…

Maybe I should find another 100km run in Australia that’s within the next 6 months?

Maybe I should do another marathon?

So I started looking back through my running CV (I have an excel spreadsheet, very nerdy) and I thought I might share the following information on the number of races i have done.

Ultra Marathons x 4

Marathons x 1

Half Marathons x 4

Looking at the above it seems i’m a bit lob-sided so my plan is to run another marathon within the next 6 months, now I just need to decide which one….?

Happy Running 🙂


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