Knapsack Lap Race – by Running Wild NSW

This Australia Day we headed out to the Knapsack Lap Race at in Glenbrook. The 5km course was challenging and fast, some really good little inclines to get the heart pumping but nothing too big. Roger and I were doing this as part of the mixed teams and our plan was to take turns and alternate each lap.

We caught up with our good mates Jo and Ben and headed over to the start line where I would run a lap of the oval and then onto the first loop.

I was super excited to be back out running again in the Blue Mountains  and probably finished my first lap a little too fast. The trail was all single track, just the way I like it, and I managed to run 100% of most of my loops, no breaks to walk.

After each lap I would take a rest in the chair and eat about 4 x Zooper Doopers to help cool myself down and also a bit of food for energy. The temperatures were really starting to soar, over 40 degrees celsius.

Roger enjoyed his laps and we both came back sweating up a storm. It felt like 50 degrees out there!! We both kept pushing the pace, we say we’re not competitive but I think deep down we do like to test the limits.

Eventually the Running Wild team decided to cut the event short due to the heat, so instead of running for 6 hours we would now only run for 5 hours. They made this decision just as Roger had already left for his next lap.

Afterwards we caught up with Mark and Mark who I think won the mens team event, and they enjoyed a few ‘Goat’ beers to celebrate.

Despite the race being cut short and the weather I thoroughly enjoyed this event and would recommend it to anyone looking for a short, swap fast course with all runnable sections.

Happy running!

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