It’s taper time

Today I ran my last long run before the marathon, which means that it’s now taper time. This morning I ran 32km around the Shire and i must say it wasn’t easy.

It was more my head that wanted to quit a few times today, but I kept telling myself that i’m strong willed and kicked my own butt back into gear.

I spent some of the run thinking about my run club buddies who were up in the goldcoast running, especially Kate who was competing in her first marathon. We have shared training tips and ideas and I was so excited for her. Turns out she smashed the marathon in less than 4 hours, what a legend!

I must say that i’m a little disheartened because after today’s run I feel like i’m getting slower. My average pace was slower than usual, and i’m not sure why. Maybe it was just a tough day, a bad day, and I just need to forget it and keep looking forward.

There are only 3 weeks until my first marathon and i’m getting more nervous, scared and excited as the days go by. I spent most of the day with my legs up recovering and i’ve decided that only positive thoughts are allowed from here on in.

So at this very moment in 3 weeks time I will have finished my first marathon, I will have conquered what only 1% of the population have ever done.

I will become a marathoner.