Is there anybody out there?

I wonder how many of you actually read my posts? And I also wonder what you think of them? So please feel free to add any comments or suggestions on things you would like to hear about as it will make these more beneficial to you all.

Wednesdays are a killer day for me, training-wise. I start the day early with a DC Run group training session hosted by champion athlete Victoria Mitchell before work, hit the gym at lunch for something light like yoga or a swim, and then I finish the day with Nike Run Club.

This morning was a tough session with Vic and I must be honest and say that I feel like I I let her down as I did not get the chance to give it 100%. Unfortunately during the session my hamstrings muscles and adjoining muscles started to tighten up, so because of the pain I decided that it was better to not push it, and take a step back. Especially so close to the marathon.

We were doing 600m intervals and on the 2nd last one I took some fuel off the fire nearer to the end and slowly jogged the last 100m. I had to do the same again on the last interval too as the muscles (especially in my right leg) were burning and felt like they were rock hard. It was really limiting my movement so I took it easy on the slow jog back to the office too.

I was a bit worried, as I knew I had run club tonight and needed to be able to run 7km. One of my team mates suggested a hot bath and it gave me the idea that during my lunch break I should hit the sauna & spa at my gym. And i’m so glad that I did, my legs are feeling much better now and I should be fine taking the slower pace group tonight.

Tomorrow I have a 1 hour remedial massage scheduled and i’m sure that afterwards my muscles will be feeling fabulous. But if not, I promise to take it easy for my 20km run on the weekend and to visit the physio next week as a precaution. Better to be safe than sorry.

I’m really looking forward to run club tonight now too, let’s hope it stays dry.

Happy running 🙂

Battling the elements

I know it’s hard to get out of bed, or to get those shoes on when it’s pouring down with rain outside, but you will feel 50% more hard core once you have completed a run in the rain. It’s a fact!

Last night at run club we did a 5km course through the domain to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back to the store. It rained the whole course but luckily it wasn’t a downpour, it was more of a contact light sprinkle. It was great to see that so many clubbers actually turned up ready to run and didn’t let the water scare them away. They were in high spirits and afterwards they were all very proud of their achievements.

The smart runners came prepared with lightweight, wet weather jackets and a change of clothes for afterwards. I think this is key, make sure you have the gear to make it as comfy as possible and then you have no excuses.

So get those shoes on no matter what the weather is like outside and you will be guaranteed to feel like you have achieved so much more than usual.

Do you brave the elements and let nothing get in your way?

I dare you to give it a try….