Friday Frenzy Update

It’s friday night and I’m very sorry it’s taken me so longtime write. I have been slack with my posts over the past week (and a bit) and it’s not because I haven’t been running, it’s because I haven’t had time. Work and life has been crazy, but I’m back and I have lots to share.
10 days ago I had a running technique group session with Victoria Mitchell from DC Run and it was awesome (for those of you who don’t know who Victoria is then please google her, she’s an inspiration!) She taught us a proper warm up and the basic principles of correct running technique for better efficiency and I must say that I felt so light on my feet. We did some run-throughs and she showed us some technique drills to practise and we all left feeling very enthused.
We had our second session with Vic this past Wednesday and we went over a lot of information from the week before, but we also did a 2km time trial and I really surprised myself with a time of 8:47. That’s so much quicker than my long runs, but you can’t really compare them. I have never done short races so I’ve never pushed myself like I did in that run and it’s got me thinking…..
We have another 6 training sessions with Vic and I know in going to learn so much from her! (Plus she’s a really nice person!)
I’d like to point out that I won’t be changing my technique before the marathon, but my plan beyond includes fixing my technique and doing some short distance races to increase my speed (with the new technique). And then after that I will increase the kms again so I’m running more efficiently for longer periods.
And…….. last Saturday I conquered 30.9kms!!!!! (I had to add the .9, you understand). I ran from my house to Cronulla beach, down around to Bass & Flinders, through Miranda and then headed home. It wasn’t easy, but it was much easier than the 2 previous long weekend runs that I’ve written about in earlier posts. This run I felt like my legs were a machine, just churning over doing what they had to do and the only thing that was holding me back was my mind. It kept telling me to stop, to walk for a bit, but I kept ignoring it. I kept running, and I kept telling myself that it would be over quicker if I just kept running.
It took me 3:25 but I made it, and when I got to about 20m from my front gate a neighbour walking her dog pointed out that she’d seen me running through Miranda and asked how far i had run? She was blown away by my response and the look on her face was priceless, it made me feel very proud.
So this weekend is a step back week as I only have to run 20km (how weird does that sound?! Only 20kms, ha ha). And I’m going to treat myself to a remedial massage next week before I have to conquer 30km again next week.
I feel like I’ve really pushed myself and I’m training hard. And the long run last week has given me the confidence to back myself more and to believe in myself.
I love running! 🙂