The final countdown

There are 5 more sleeps until I compete in my very first marathon. It’s very hard to describe the feelings that I am going through at the moment, but I am mostly excited.

Last night I had Run Club and I took the 7 km group at 6 minute pace, a nice comfortable pace with mostly new runners. It’s one of my favorite groups and I must say that I felt really good. Really strong. And i even had a comment from a runner that “I make it look easy”. Which is pretty much how the run felt last night so it’s nice to know I looked that way too.

I have been tapering for about a week with only a few small runs and not much else. So I feel like I have this energy inside me that is going to waste, but I know come Sunday I can use it to my advantage for the marathon.

Wednesday night will be my last run before the marathon and I am taking the 5 km group at 6 minute pace which is usually also a beginner group. I love helping the new runners reach their weekly goals and it always leaves me feeling good inside to see their smiling faces when they thank you at the end of the run. It’s great to give back to a sport that has helped me so much.

So other than that I will be spending my time mentally preparing for the race. Many thoughts have been whizzing through my mind but they are all positive and i’m keeping it that way. I know that on the day there will be battles to face and walls to climb, but if i stay positive then nothing can stop me.


I know i’m not alone when I say that I really do love running and it’s helped me in more ways than I can ever put in words.

2 thoughts on “The final countdown

    • Thanks Jon, yes that’s my only goal… to make it to the finish line. I don’t want to put pressure on myself for the first one & I want to enjoy it.
      I’m getting so excited!!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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